Ajwa Aliyah Kurma

Product details

  • Kurma Ajwa Aliyah
  • 250G, 400G , 1KG
  • Madinah, Saudi Arabia
  • TBA
  • kurma, ajwa aliyah
Price: RM30, RM45, RM90

Ajwa Aliyah Dates

freshly hand-picked from Madinah, Saudi Arabia, We offer premium quality Ajwa Dates in variety of sizes.

Regular intake of Ajwa dates stops blood vessels from constricting, strengthens the heart and improves the functioning of the heart.
This variety of dates is rich in calcium and phosphorus which in turn help in keeping the bones and teeth in sound health.
Ajwa dates serve as an excellent antioxidant source. Selenium and other essential nutrients present in it may also be able to prevent cancer from occurring.
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