About Us

~ About AlHijaz Universal ~

We’re innovative, resilient, and revolutionary.

this ever-changing and unprecedented world continuously evolves, what began in 2013 as a tourism agency needed to evolve as well. As a result, we decided to diversify into wholesale and trading, rebranding ourselves as AlHijaz Universal.

By starting with the import and sales of Ajwa Aliyah dates, which are grown exclusively in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, we managed to establish a strong foothold in the market. Through this endeavour, we were able to preserve our existing assets while still providing new opportunities and revenue for individuals and businesses affected by the recent pandemic.

Our Vision
We want to empower local and global markets with a selection of products made with natural ingredients from the great Middle East. Simultaneously, we want to provide Malaysians with new business opportunities and help them launch their entrepreneurial journeys.
Our Mission
At Alhijaz our main priorty has always been providing our clients with high-end premium products and opportunities. we are commited to raising the standards of the Malaysian and international market by delivering innovative and magnificent goods and services.

With our newly found business venture and entrepreneurial experience, we had a desire. Through our existing network and contacts, we were invited to consider importing Dates from the holy city of Madina. The dates from this region and the surrounding area are unique to this location and are not commonly found in other parts of the kingdom, especially the famous ‘Ajwa Aliyah’ dates.

With great attention to detail in every process from farming the crop to harvesting, sorting, packaging and through to distributing our products we maintain a very high level of quality and consistency throughout our range. Our work is our passion and therefore we maintain this passion throughout the complete process. This attitude has allowed us to develop as one of the major brands in Malaysia. Our products can be found nationwide from small shops to large multiple supermarkets. Our products are sold on multiple online platforms in ever greater number

We hope our customers continue to enjoy the many products we offer and share the many delights with family and friends.


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